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Minors on Campus

Policy Number: 3349‐10‐80
Effective Date: 03/21/1997
Updated: 11/17/2016
Responsible Department: Public Safety and Security
Applies To: All University Employees, Students, Visitors

A. Purpose

  1. To establish a policy for managing minors on the NEOMED Campus.

B. Scope

  1. This policy covers all minors, both supervised and unsupervised, who may be present on the NEOMED Campus.

C. Definitions

  1. “Minors” refers to persons under the age of 18, with the exception of NEOMED students that are enrolled at the University.
  2. “Laboratory areas” refers to the following areas: the Research and Graduate Educational Building, Multi‐Disciplinary Teaching Laboratories and Gross Anatomy laboratory areas of B building; all Basic Medical Sciences laboratories in C, D, E and F buildings; and all restricted access areas in the Comparative Medicine Unit.
  3. “NEOMED campus” refers to the Rootstown campus, any on‐campus residences and any non‐campus University‐owned buildings or property.

D. Policy Statement

  1. Supervised Minors on the NEOMED Campus.
    1. Minors are permitted in all non‐laboratory areas of the NEOMED campus when accompanied by an adult. Minors are not permitted in the laboratory areas unless prior written approval has been provided by the department head in advance of the minor’s visit and the requisite supervision will be in place during the visit.
    2. Minor children of NEOMED students are not permitted to attend class with their parents. If a minor child is brought to campus or a location where NEOMED students are receiving instruction, the child must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
    3. Minor children of NEOMED employees are not permitted to attend work with their parent unless the employee has obtained prior approval in
      advance from his/her direct supervisor. Supervisors may not permit minor children of employees to attend work with their parent on a daily or ongoing basis. Minor children permitted to attend work with their parent must be directly supervised by the parent while on the NEOMED campus and may not disrupt the routine activities of the University.
    4. Minors ages 16‐18 years old may work on the NEOMED campus provided their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) complete the necessary paperwork with Human Resources allowing them to do so.
    5. Minors who are on campus in conjunction with various NEOMED programs including educational workshops or conferences, academic camps, pre‐enrollment visits must be supervised by an adult at all times.
    6. Students enrolled in the Bio‐Med Science Academy that are minors must be supervised by a teacher or member of the Bio‐Med Science Academy’s staff at all times while on the NEOMED campus. All teachers or staff members of the Bio‐Med Science Academy who are engaged in the supervision of students on the NEOMED campus must have a criminal background check on file with Human Resources prior to engaging in student supervision.
    7. Bio‐Med Science Academy students that are engaged in long‐term educational experience (as defined by University Policy 3349‐10‐41) may be provided with campus access and permitted to move about campus unsupervised after obtaining the proper approvals to do so. Campus access will be terminated if the student is found to have misused or abused his/her access privileges.
  2. Unsupervised Minors on the NEOMED Campus.
    1. For their safety and welfare, any unsupervised minor found on the NEOMED campus will be escorted to the Campus Security Office and the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) will be contacted to pick them up immediately.
  3. This policy does not apply to general events held on the NEOMED campus that are open to public.
  4. The Board of Trustees authorized the Administration to establish and implement the specific procedures for regulating the presence of minors on the Rootstown campus and to modify these procedures as necessary to carry out this policy without further ratification or action required by the Board of Trustees.

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