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Hosting High School Students for Educational Experiences

Policy Number: 3349‐10‐41
Effective Date: 10/01/2015
Updated: 11/17/2016
Responsible Department: All
Applies To: All Personnel

A. Purpose

  1. To establish a policy for hosting High School Students for educational experiences in a manner that is consistent with NEOMED’s Minors on Campus policy, allows for a meaningful educational experience for the student, and minimizes the risk of harm or disruption to students, laboratory equipment, research efforts or the operational activities of NEOMED.

B. Scope

  1. This policy applies to any employee who intends to host any High School Student for a structured educational experience of significant duration.  It does not apply to students who volunteer or “shadow” NEOMED faculty or staff for a brief or limited period of time that is not long‐term in nature.

C. Definitions

  1. “Direct Supervision” means that the High School Student is accompanied at all times while on campus, including time spent in the lab, traversing campus, or engaged in activities in a non‐lab setting. The person responsible for Direct Supervision must be trained and knowledgeable about the experience in which the High School Student is engaging, and must be physically present in the lab or other areas with the High School Student at all times, unless the High School Student has been given campus access in accordance with University Policy 3349‐10‐80.
  2. “High School Student” refers to a person who is enrolled in or newly graduated from high school and not yet enrolled in college.
  3. “Laboratory areas” refers to the following areas: the Research and Graduate Educational Building, Multi‐Disciplinary Teaching Laboratories and Gross Anatomy laboratory areas of B building; all Basic Medical Sciences laboratories in C, D, E and F buildings; and all restricted access areas in the Comparative Medicine Unit.

D.Policy Statement

  1. Obtaining approval to Host a High School Student
    1. Any employee requesting to host a High School Student for an educational experience should document the request by completing the Educational Experience for High School Students – Approval Form. The information provided on this form must include the type of work that will be conducted by the High School Student both inside and outside the Laboratory or departmental areas, as well as who will be responsible for the direct supervision of the High School Student.
    2. The completed form should be sent to the Director of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (DEOHS) for review.
    3. The DEOHS will determine what, if any, safety training may be required or if any restrictions should be placed on the High School Student based on the activities being performed. The DEOHS will document any requirements and/or restrictions on the form and forward the form to the Department Chair or Supervisor for review.
    4. The employee’s Department Chair/Supervisor must review and approve any requests to host a High School Student as part of an educational experience before the student is permitted on campus for any significant period of time.
  2. All requests and related approvals must be documented on the Educational Experience for High School Students Approval Form and must accompany any request to Human Resources to generate an identification badge.
  3. The High School Student and his/her parent or legal guardian must complete and sign the Educational Experience for High School Students: Parent/Legal Guardian Agreement, Release and Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment Form as well as the Non‐Employee Registration Information.
  4. All forms related to hosting a High School Student for an educational experience in research will be maintained in the Human Resources Department.


Lisa Noland
Administrative Specialist
Phone: 330.325.6354
Email: lnoland@neomed.edu

Office of General Counsel

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