Tech Transfer

For Industry

NEOMED has developed a number of simplified agreements to work with industry. Based on your company’s needs, we can facilitate access to NEOMED research facilities, structure collaborative sponsored research to answer your most challenging problems, or anything in between.

  • Streamlined access to NEOMED equipment and facilities
  • No intellectual property creation anticipated
  • Company controls publications
  • Engagement managed through The REDIzone
  • Non-Exclusive Royalty-Free (NERF) license for new IP
  • Right of first opportunity to negotiate exclusive license
  • No IP fee for NERF
  • Requires payment of full federal indirect cost rate
  • Sponsor can own intellectual property with payment of intellectual property fee
  • Intellectual property fee = $10,000 + indirect cost rate of 75%
  • Faculty maintains publication rights
  • No federal equipment can be utilized for ownership of intellectual property
  • Sponsor developed research protocol

Jointly created intellectual property with options for industry rights to technology:

  • Payment of standard indirect cost rate on all research
  • No license fee
  • Accumulated patent expenses paid over three years
  • 2% royalty
  • 2% liquidity fee (acquisition or IPO)
  • Non exclusive license to background intellectual property
  • Therapeutics have milestone fees according to regulatory plan, fundraising requirements and commercialization plan


  • Payment of 75% indirect cost rate on all research
  • Intellectual property fee = Accumulated patent expenses
  • Single-paid up royalty according to commercialization plan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have a list of equipment available for use?

Individual research labs have made their equipment available for industry use. Only equipment that is not funded on an active federal grant be utilized by industry on a pay per use basis.

We encourage you to reach out to Jordan Walker, REDIzone Program Specialist, for a list of available equipment.

Phone: 330.325.6800

I need to conduct a preclinical validation study. Can you support our efforts?

Yes! The REDIzone was established to work with industry partners that need access to a preclinical facility to advance their discoveries.

Our services are provided in NEOMED’s Comparative Medicine Unit our 41,000 sq.ft, state of the art AAALAC accredited facility.

We regularly work with companies in support of their SBIR grants and can provide a letter of support including a preliminary study estimate.

Can I own intellectual property from a research collaboration?

Yes. Any intellectual property you develop remains your intellectual property. If the intellectual property is jointly developed, our intellectual property policy provides an easy path to acquire the rights to jointly created intellectual property.

For work-for-hire research, we would like to have NEOMED researchers work on our idea. Who would own the intellectual property?

For work-for-hire research, the sponsor would retain the rights to the intellectual property with certain conditions:

  • Faculty must maintain rights to publish on the research
  • No federal-funded research equipment was utilized
  • The sponsor-initiated study protocol is clearly defined without NEOMED faculty/researcher involvement in the development
  • Indirect costs on the research are at 75% and an intellectual property fee of $10,000 is paid to own the research

What is NEOMED's standard license agreement?

NEOMED has an Industry Express license agreement that is meant to make the process efficient for industry to acquire exclusive rights to our technology. Key terms include:

  • No license issuance fee
  • Patent expenses recovered over three years
  • 2% royalty rate on gross sales
  • 2% liquidity one-time fee payable to NEOMED on IPO or acquisition of 50% of the company
  • Non-exclusive license to background intellectual property, if applicable
  • Performance milestones tied to FDA regulatory strategy – milestone payments are determined according to development plan, fundraising requirements, regulatory strategy, and marketing plan

Can NEOMED assign intellectual property rights to our company if we enter a CRADA?

Outside of the work-for-hire model, NEOMED cannot assign patent rights to a company. However, NEOMED does have several models that provide industry partners with flexibility and certainty in utilizing our technology.

Paid Up Option:

  • An exclusive license can be negotiated with all payment paid upfront at the signing of the application
  • For research generating from a co-operative research and development agreement, companies would need to pay all research fees with a 75% indirect cost rate to obtain a paid up license
  • An intellectual property fee equal to the total costs of the legal expenses acquired to date is required
  • Prepayment of royalties will be based according to an approved business plan


Maria R. Schimer
Chief Technology Transfer Officer
Phone: 330.325.6357

Jordan Walker
Entrepreneurial Program Specialist

Office of Technology Transfer

Northeast Ohio Medical University