Student Run Free Clinic

Named the 2020 Free Clinic of the Year by the Charitable Healthcare Network.

Clinic Volunteers

For new volunteers

Hands-on learning is what the Student Run Free Clinic is all about. Supervised by clinical professions including doctors, patient assistants, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and laboratory professionals, volunteers interested in various healthcare fields can learn more about the day-to-day operations of health care clinics while they help individuals in their communities receive quality, affordable healthcare. View the services the SRFC clinic offers on the patient page.

Volunteers start out as team members in the clinic as primary care, behavior health, health education, pharmacy or laboratory clerks and more as they further define their areas of interest. As volunteers learn and grow, they may take on leadership roles (discover more about roles through training modules) and qualify for special designations.

Volunteers come from many places. Of course medical, pharmacy, physician assistant students are the cornerstone of the clinic but we accept students (and potential students) interested in the healthcare field including those from the Bio-Med Academy and surrounding universities and adult education centers. Since the clinic is modeled after primary care practices, we welcome all community members so it is critical to have a heart for helping people and patience for the learning process.

Initially, you will need to set aside 3-4 hours (at your own pace) for reading and training online. Once trained, volunteers make their own schedule. The clinic is open on most Saturdays so Saturday morning/early afternoon availability is a must – as your schedule allows. Most volunteers schedule at least 1 morning a month to keep current and learning. Some will help for a semester or a year, some much longer.

If you’d like to volunteer at the Student Run Free Clinic, request training materials and start training today!

For current volunteers

Current volunteers who have completed can use the links below to sign up for shifts below.

Fully-Trained Volunteer Shift Sign Up:


Provider (attending and resident) Sign Up:

If you can no longer make it to your scheduled shift, email the clinic chief as soon as possible. (FYI – clinic chief email is in the monthly links so that’s the only thing that needs updated)

New volunteers who have not completed the online volunteer training will need to register for training and complete it before signing up for shifts.


Phone Number: 330.552.7080
Address: 4209 St. Rt. 44 Rootstown, Ohio 44272