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Hans Thewissen, Ph.D.

Work of Hans Thewissen, Ph.D., Featured in Podcast

For years, Northeast Ohio Medical University researcher Hans Thewissen, Ph.D., the Brown-Ingalls Endowed Chair of Anatomy and Neurobiology, has studied the fossils of whales to better understand their evolution in India and Alaska.

Dr. Thewissen was recently interviewed about his field work for a podcast about ancient humans and fossils in India. He can be heard during the “It’s a Deer…It’s a Crocodile…It’s a…” episode of Deni Stones and Bones. Listeners can catch Dr. Thewissen around 6:20, speaking about his work in the Kutch region of western India.

Listen to the entire Deni Stones and Bones “It’s a Deer…It’s a Crocodile…It’s a…” podcast.