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Sara Post, College of Medicine student

Teaching Her Way Through Medicine: Sara Post

Teaching others comes naturally to Sara Post. Speaking in front of large groups? Not so much.

The third-year College of Medicine student and recipient of Northeast Ohio Medical University’s College of Medicine Peer Tutor of the Year Award began tutoring her peers in high school. She continued on while completing a bachelor’s degree at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, then later on at the University of Cincinnati while working towards a master’s degree in physiology.

Post credits her growing confidence to her tutoring experiences at NEOMED.

“I think that there’s pros and cons to individual teaching versus group teaching. I like both a lot, but I’ve actually really enjoyed with the NEOMED peer tutoring because it has allowed me to become more comfortable with getting up in front of everyone to teach larger groups. It’s been really helpful,” she says.

Whether she’s teaching others or diving into new experiences herself, there’s just something about learning that excites Post.

Preparing for her future

As a third-year student, she’s had the opportunity to explore a number of specialties and was happy to find her niche in obstetrics and gynecology.

“I really like the patient population. OBGYN encompasses so many aspects of medicine — ethics, public health, policy and medicine — all in one,” explains Post.

As she prepares for her final year of school, Post is looking forward to embracing her role as a student and learning more about obstetrics and gynecology, such as reproductive endocrinology and high-risk pregnancies.

Even though Post will soon be moving on from mentoring second-year College of Medicine students, she still keeps her mentees in mind. Her best piece of advice to them? “You have studied hard throughout medical school. Trust that you know what you know and go into third year ready to learn the more human and clinical side of medicine, as opposed to the science-based side of medicine you have focused on the past two years.”