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Students at the Lunar New Year celebration

Students Observe Lunar New Year

Gong hay fat choi! Whether they said it in Cantonese or another language, Northeast Ohio Medical University students threw a party on February 6 to celebrate the Lunar New Year, a holiday observed across many Asian countries. This is the year of the pig.

Second-year College of Medicine student Katherine Wu says the purpose of observing the traditional holiday is to “chase away ill-fortune and invite in good luck.”

Bringing a taste of Asia to NEOMED

To help students learn more about Asian culture, the Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association and the Anhui Medical University Learners of Hefei, China, offered sushi, bubble tea and a variety of dried Asian snacks at the party.

For those brave enough to try something new, a red envelope containing cash (called lucky money by some) was rewarded to students.

“These red envelopes are traditionally passed down from married couples and the elderly to singles and children and contain money that can ‘suppress evil spirits,’” Wu shares.

Proudly performing

The Anhui Medical University Learners — students at Anhui Medical University in Hefei, China who are observing College of Pharmacy classes this year – took the stage to perform a Chinese dance and song for the crowd.

A traditional lion dance was also performed (pictured above) by Wu and fellow second-year College of Medicine students Lydia Du and Nathan Dang, along with Dang’s older brother Matthew. The dance is said to bring good luck to businesses.