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Students, New Tech Connect at Boot Camp

Ed Brewer, an EMS instructor at Cuyahoga Community College who also does clinical education for ZOLL Medical Corporation, can tell you all about the advantages of a tiny camera mounted on a laryngeal tube (see photo) over an old-style metal model that risked damaging the patient’s teeth when it was inserted into the patient’s mouth and down the throat.

Brewer started demonstrating medical techniques 35 years ago and has kept coming back to Northeast Ohio Medical University because of the caliber of the students, he said during a Boot Camp session for third-year College of Medicine students.

“They’re so respectful and eager to learn. It’s worth taking a week off to show these students.”

The two-week long Boot Camp teaches medicine students practical, hands-on skills such as inserting laryngeal tubes, performing chest compressions or sewing sutures — all skills they will need soon, as begin clerkships in clinical settings with real patients. The sessions also provide students with tips on topics such as prescription writing, pain management and cultural awareness in the clinical setting.