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Spotlight on student scholarship

Students involved in research in the lab of Jeffrey Mellott, Ph.D. recently published two articles.

Rising fourth-year medicine student Christina Koehler was first author on “Age-related changes of GAD1 mRNA expression in the central inferior colliculus,” published online in Translational Medicine of Aging in April. Laila Almassri, a student in the Basic and Translational Biomedicine graduate program, was also a coauthor along with researchers from NEOMED and the Ohio State University.

Rising-fourth-year medicine students Elizabeth Slabinski and Abigail Beaver contributed to an article, titled “Preclinical evaluation of triiodothyronine nanoparticles as a novel therapeutic intervention for resuscitation from cardiac arrest,” published in Resuscitation.

“We collaborated with Brian Weil, Ph.D., at the University at Buffalo,” Dr. Mellott explained. “His work focuses on nanoparticle treatments as a therapeutic intervention for cardiac arrest. They were in need of a collaborator who could examine the neural ultrastructure from their treatment models. Long story short, our labs collaborated such that we analyzed tissue from the hippocampus and parietal lobe of their control and treatment models for cardiac arrest.”