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Seeing the Importance of Research

Two College of Medicine students are taking a close look at ophthalmology research with the help of Sergul Erzurum, M.D. (’88), a professor of surgery.

Siri Yalamanchili, a third-year College of Medicine student, and Ankur Parikh, a second-year College of Medicine student, will travel with Dr. Erzurum in April to present their research at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) 2019 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

“Yalamanchili and Parikh have been very committed and should be proud of not just presenting one research project, but three research projects at ARVO 2019,” shares Dr. Erzurum.

The students will present on cataract results in previous LASIK patients; the use of amniotic membranes in dry eye; and the results of a school vision program in Youngstown, Ohio, directed through efforts by Sight for All United, co-founded by Dr. Erzurum.