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Rising first-year College of Medicine student Joseph Kessler in a coat and tie.

Reflection on Leadership

The Master of Leadership in Health Systems Science program helps students develop professionalism and leadership skills while learning to analyze the way care is delivered within a health care organization to improve patient care and maximize health. Students of the first graduating class of the MLHSS program were invited to share their reflections on the program.

Rising first-year College of Medicine student Joseph Kessler shared the following reflection on why he chose to pursue an MLHSS degree prior to starting his journey to becoming a physician:

I was intrigued by this program initially due to its innovative approach. My cohort and I were able to receive formal guidance and education on the ins and outs of health systems science prior to medical school. Typically, a medical student would not learn the information presented in the program until well into their career.

Health systems science is a complementary branch to the field of medicine, which builds upon the basic sciences and clinical sciences. This program allowed us, future physicians, to obtain an in-depth analysis of what is to come and truly provided us with the tools necessary to get a jumpstart in our careers. The materials learned from systems thinking, Lean Six Sigma training and our capstone projects established a cohesive foundation for us to become strong leaders and change agents in health care.

The wonderful thing about this is that the knowledge obtained from this program can be applied on a day-to-day basis to individuals studying medicine in addition to non-medical students. The Master of Leadership in Health Systems Science degree from NEOMED opened an abundance of opportunities and connections for all students. Aside from the educational aspect, I have also made great friends along the way. We all became a very supportive group that had each other’s backs in every situation, which was crucial as we completed this degree during the pandemic via a hybrid format. This program emphasized leadership, community and advocacy, which is crucial for all medical professionals.





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