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Providing Protection for Front-Line COVID-19 Professionals

As it did for many other industries and areas of health care, the COVID-19 pandemic brought business to a temporary halt for Eye Care Associates in Poland, Ohio, where Northeast Ohio Medical University alumnus and professor of surgery Sergul Erzurum, M.D. (’88), practices as an ophthalmologist.

However, the work of Dr. Erzurum’s foundation, Sight for All United, continued. The foundation has partnered with a national foundation and three local companies to provide protective eye wear, face masks and face shields to front-line workers.

In a recent Q&A with Valley Tough, Dr. Erzurum shared how COVID-19 has affected her professional and personal life.

She also offered words of encouragement for Valley Tough readers: “Stay safe and be smart. It is best to be cautious until we can learn all we need to know about this virus. But this is not a time to be afraid and allow our anxiety to grow. Take advantage of this time with less structure and schedule to provide self-care for yourself, whatever that means to you.”

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