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Northeast Ohio Medical University Students Selected by Many of the Nation’s Best Hospitals on National Match Day

Fifty-eight percent choose residencies in Ohio

As they opened their envelopes during National Match Day at noon, Friday, March 16, fourth-year College of Medicine students at Northeast Ohio Medical University learned where they will continue their medical training as resident physicians following graduation in May.

The course of events was a bit different from previous years when students would open their envelopes in front of everyone. This year, students first entered the University’s Cook Alumni Hall to retrieve their envelopes and then share their match, privately, with family and friends. Students then had the option to reveal their match with nearly 600 attendees, who were patiently waiting in the Grand Ballroom, as well as with other family and friends, who were watching the live video stream around the world.

As each student’s name was called, a song chosen by them was played while they walked toward the stage. The anticipation filled the Grand Ballroom and some of the students even danced as they stepped to the podium, opened their envelopes and read their residency matches.

As they have each year, NEOMED students were matched with some of the best hospitals in the nation including the top three overall―Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota; Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland; and Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore―as well as others, from Yale-New Haven Hospital to several military medical centers.  But the students overwhelmingly showed a preference for Northeast Ohio’s hospitals and support of University’s mission of developing health care professionals for and from Northeast Ohio as 58 percent (89 students) matched with hospitals in Ohio.

The College also responded to the ongoing critical need of primary care physicians, with 42 percent of the medicine students deciding to continue their training in a primary care field such as family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine or obstetrics/gynecology. Seventeen percent of the students matched in surgery and the remaining 41 percent matched in other specialties such as anesthesiology, dermatology, emergency medicine and psychiatry.

“We are so proud of our medicine students. Whether they remain in Northeast Ohio, train elsewhere in Ohio or at many great institutions all across the United States, they will continue to make us proud,” said Elisabeth H. Young, M.D., dean of the College of Medicine and a Class of 1985 alumna.

Nationally, the 2018 Main Residency Match was the largest in National Residency Matching Program history. A record-high 37,103 applicants submitted program choices for 33,167 positions, the most ever offered in the Match. Ninety-four percent of the U.S. applicants matched to a residency position. As part of the highly competitive process, the College of Medicine at NEOMED, which has an excellent match rate of 92%, was able to place an additional 5 percent through the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP) Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP). As a result, 97 percent of NEOMED students were placed.

The 139 students from NEOMED’s Class of 2018 who participated in the match program are among medical school seniors nationwide who received results of the NRMP on March 16. Students began applying for residency programs at the beginning of their fourth year and participated in interviews with hospital officials during the fall and winter months. The majority of students indicated their residency preferences through the NRMP, hospitals indicated their preference of students, and the NRMP matched the two. Others participated in separate matches through the San Francisco Match Program (for ophthalmology), the American Urological Association and the military match.

Download the 2018 Residency Match List