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NEOMED’s BeST Center Collaborates to Create C-CAN

Northeast Ohio Medical University’s Best Practices in Schizophrenia Treatment (BeST) Center has teamed up with three Summit County agencies to create C-CAN, an effort that will provide treatment for individuals between the ages of 10-25 at high risk of developing psychosis.

In a recent press release, Child Guidance & Family Solutions explained how C-CAN will work.

“C-CAN will provide training and resources to local physicians, hospitals, care facilities and schools to assist in identifying children, teens and young adults who exhibit early signs of being at high risk for psychosis, so that they can be referred to Child Guidance & Family Solutions for preventative treatment. Individuals enrolled in C- CAN’s stepped-care treatment program will receive a full range of services intended to reduce the risk of conversion to a psychotic disorder. Research shows that this type of intervention and treatment significantly reduces the conversion rate to psychosis.”

A $1.35 million grant from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) made possible the collaboration among Child Guidance & Family Solutions, Community Support Services, Summit County’s Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services Board and the BeST Center.

C-CAN was one of only 21 grant initiatives awarded nationwide.