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Group of NEOMED students

NEOMED Students Give Presentation of Respiratory System

When high school students learn about medicine, usually it’s about how systems in our bodies function, but not about how they fail – and how to fix them when they do. But one of the perks of being a STEM+M school connected to Northeast Ohio Medical University is access to medical and pharmaceutical experience. So, when three NEOMED College of Pharmacy students came to visit Bio-Med Science Academy, it was a welcome new perspective.

Pharmacy students Shivali Singh, Brandon Hammack and Anthony Rimpf brought inhalers with them to give our class firsthand experience in how these lifesaving devices work. Watching them demonstrate how to use the inhalers gave us all a new understanding of how the respiratory system operates.

All students from the Academy were invited.

Liam Martin, a senior at Bio-Med Science Academy and an intern in the NEOMED Office of Marketing and Communications, contributed this article.