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NEOMED Receives Gift in Honor of Amy Acton, M.D. (’90)

An Ohioan resident wanted to show her appreciation for the tremendous work of Amy Acton, M.D., as Ohio’s director of health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a letter to NEOMED, Dawn Stiggers-Ferguson wrote:

I am a proud citizen of the State of Ohio. Thank you, Dr. Amy Acton for your efforts that have saved many lives here in our Buckeye State.

Enclosed you will find a small token of my appreciation for the work that Dr. Amy Acton has done during the pandemic. I hope this will be given to a worthy student to use towards their pursuit of a medical degree. I give this in the name of Dr. Amy Acton.

We hope that you will join Dawn to help NEOMED produce leaders in the health care industry by giving to the Blue Fund.