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NEOMED Pediatrics Instructor Talks About Tic Disorders

Did you know that tic disorders and Tourette’s syndrome affects nearly 1 in every 100 children?

Katrina Lindsay, Ph.D., a Northeast Ohio Medical University instructor of pediatrics, recently spoke with Healthline about common signs of tic disorders.

The Akron Children’s Hospital pediatric psychologist told Cathy Cassata of Healthline, “There is still a stigma with tic disorders and Tourette’s syndrome. We often see Tourette’s syndrome only associated with coprolalia, which is the technical term for [involuntary] swearing. However, that is one of the rarest symptoms of a tic disorder.”

Dr. Lindsay also noted that swearing and inappropriate behavior, along with throat clearing, coughing, sniffing and blinking are some of the most common tics seen in children.

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