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Ignite magazine cover

Ignite Is Here — with Web Extras!

The fall 2018 issue of Ignite magazine is now on campus. For the first time, NEOMED’s award-winning human interest magazine features web extras — online features in addition to what you can read in the print copy. You can find them at

Check out the advice from four female 2018 College of Medicine graduates heading into their first year of surgery residencies. It’s an extra related to “Women in Surgery: A Rising Tide,” a feature on how traditional perspectives on women in surgery are changing.

Interested in research and entrepreneurship? Look for the web extra Organ-on-Chip photo gallery, with shots of the first project in NEOMED’s new Pharmaceutical Proof of Concept Center.

And if you need a little food for thought, no worries. You can count on Ignite for a recipe, and this time around, second-year College of Medicine student Carmen Javier shares her grandmother’s guacamole salsa recipe. Yum.

See the entire issue.