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HPAC Kick-Off Brings Youth Together, Addresses Health Issues

Health Professions Affinity Community (HPAC) held its annual kickoff for 2015-2016 academic year on Thursday, Oct. 22 in the NEOMED Education and Wellness Center Ballroom.

Students from across Ohio came together to discuss and develop projects designed for the new academic year. Students also received the opportunity to interact with first-year pharmacy and medicine students at NEOMED, as well as professionals in a variety of health-related roles from local universities and community organizations.

Nearly 600 people attended the event in the NEOMED Education and Wellness (NEW) Center Ballroom, which included middle and high school students, parents, teachers and more than 100 first-year medicine and pharmacy students at NEOMED who wanted to help give back to the local community. From the students who attended, 74 percent were participating in HPAC for the first time.

The HPAC program at NEOMED engages local youth by empowering them to identify local health concerns and generate ideas to address relevant issues in their communities. Students identify and create community programs to address issues such as mental health, obesity, substance abuse and food insecurity.