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student holding a white coat

Honoring Students at White Coat Ceremonies

The White Coat tradition is deeply meaningful to first-year medicine and pharmacy students across the country, including at Northeast Ohio Medical University. When family and friends attend White Coat ceremonies at the beginning of medicine and pharmacy students’ first year of professional training, they witness these students donning not only a jacket, but knowledge of the responsibilities and privilege they will hold when they graduate as physicians and pharmacists.

To mark this significant transition, many in the NEOMED community make gifts to the University’s Blue Fund in honor of White Coat. The Blue Fund supports everything from the White Coat ceremonies and student scholarships to academic programs and technology enhancements. For each gift of $250, a card is inserted into the pocket of a student’s white coat with the donor’s name and an optional note from the donor.

White Coat is being held for first-year students in the College of Medicine on Friday, Aug. 2, and for first-year students in the College of Pharmacy on Friday, Aug. 23. There’s still time to make a gift honoring this occasion, and your support will be much appreciated.


Thank you to the following donors who had made gifts as of July 10:

  • Katie Nentwick
  • Keith Novak, M.D. (’95) and Susan M. Hong, M.D. (’95)
  • Praveen Dubey, M.D. (’91) and Shubkiran Dubey
  • Mehool A. Patel, M.D. (’98)
  • Chrisovalantis Paxos, Pharm.D.
  • Amy H. Deeken, M.D. (’01) and Brian Deeken
  • Laura Bukavina, M.D. (’13)
  • Robert A. Liebelt, Ph.D., M.D., and Milotka Liebelt
  • Robert W. Novak, M.D., and Pamela E. Novak, M.D.
  • Michael A. Rich, M.D., and Cynthia G. Rich
  • Eric T. Miller, M.D. (’03) and Margaret S. McDaniel Miller, M.D. (’02)
  • John Boltri, M.D., and Shelley Boltri
  • Melissa V. Ferrara, M.D. (’02)
  • James R. Heerwagen, M.D. (’85) and Sherri Heerwagen
  • Brian and Lisa Wagner
  • Mark T. Herbert, M.D. (’85) and Karen Herbert
  • Ronald Edwards
  • George A. Dimitriou, M.D. (’98) and Maria Tranto, D.O.
  • William G. Gardner, M.D., and Barbara A. Gardner
  • Richard J. Kasmer, Pharm.D., J.D., and Lisa Hoisington, Pharm.D.
  • Koula Coliadis-Anastasiades, M.D. (’91) and Stavros Anastasiades
  • David M. Sperling, M.D. (’85) and Pamela J. Hruby, M.D. (’85)
  • Reza H. Sutandi, M.D. (’96) and Ae Seon Cha, M.D. (’98)
  • Thomas S. Burkert, M.D. (’93) and Becky Babyak
  • Philip C. Stepaniak, M.D. (’83)
  • Charles H. Eger, M.D. (’83) and Sadie D. Eger
  • James A. Black, M.D. (’87) and Nancy Black
  • Stephen D. Campbell, M.D. (’90) and Lori A. Campbell, M.D. (’89)
  • Carole A. Savan, M.D. (’81)
  • Louis D. Barone, Pharm.D., R.Ph.
  • Clair A. Schwendeman, M.D. (’85) and Angela Schwendeman
  • Steven P. Schmidt, Ph.D., and Rick Krochka
  • Gregory J. Facemyer, M.D. (’96)
  • Ayman Saleh, M.D., M.P.H. (’15) and Heidi Saleh
  • Bruce and Carol Sherman
  • Donald P. Deep, M.D. (’94) and Nina Deep, M.D. (’94)
  • Elizabeth R. Menefee, M.D. (’10)
  • Judith E. Lancaster
  • Chander M. Kohli, M.D. and Karen Kohli
  • Craig and Laura Bertea
  • Lisa A. Bennett, M.D. (’93)
  • Philip J. Zitello, M.D. (’83) and Susan G. Zitello
  • Emily M. George, M.D. (’13)
  • Mark R. Munetz, M.D.
  • Michelle A. Jahnke, M.D., and Gregory Mlachak
  • Louis J. Rivello, Jr., M.D. (’83) and Amber D. Rivello
  • Michael J. Malnofski, M.D. (’88) and Tracey Malnofski
  • Chadwick D. Miller, M.D. (’00) and Lisa Miller, M.D. (’00)
  • Michael F. Weaver, M.D. (’93) and Ivy D. Moore
  • Arvind M. Malik, M.D. (’90) and Michelle S. Malik
  • Douglas W. Harley, D.O.
  • Theresa A. Lash-Ritter, M.D. (’02)
  • Aaron J. Hanesworth, M.D. (’94) and Lisa Hanesworth
  • Charles W. Cather, R.Ph., and Kathleen A. Cather