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Nicholas Osborne, College of Medicine student

Finding Himself in Medical School: Nicholas Osborne

Embrace who you are

Science is a comfort zone for Nicholas Osborne. Participating in the American Medical Women’s Association’s annual Mr. NEOMED pageant – not so much.

“Normally, I’m very introverted, but this semester I decided I was going to be as outgoing as I could possibly be. Now I feel like this is more reflective of who I am. This was a chance for me to step out of my comfort zone,” says the first-year College of Medicine student.

He performed a catwalk, piano and dance solo, followed by a Q&A session – all dedicated to one special person: Lady Gaga.

Osborne was crowned 2019 Mr. NEOMED.

Growing up, he only listened to country music with his family. In 2008 or 2009, he was scrolling through YouTube and found Lady Gaga on a suggestion list. “Coming from a relatively small town where everybody kind of carries a conservative mindset in regards to sexuality and gender expression, having somebody of really high status say that it’s ok to be who you are was really profound,” explains Osborne.

Art inspires

The artist has served as a major inspiration to Osborne – whether it’s something as simple as studying or important as speaking up for others.

“Her music is very cathartic and therapeutic for me. I’ll put her music on if I’m studying or just having a tough time in school and I’ll just dance around my apartment like an idiot. It’s is such a good mood booster,” says Osborne.

A member of the Q-Club and Psychiatry Interest Group, Osborne credits Lady Gaga with helping him find his way through the first year of medical school.

“The way Lady Gaga interacts with her fans and other organizations and how she stands up for LGBT rights and women’s rights has inspired me in that sense of speaking up about who you are and to defend what you think is right.”