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Mariquita (Kit) Belen, M.D.

Faculty Fostering Curriculum Change: Mariquita Belen, M.D.

As Northeast Ohio Medical University’s College of Medicine undergoes a transformation to a system-based curriculum with a focus on active learning, faculty members like Mariquita (Kit) Belen, M.D., are pitching in.

Dr. Belen, NEOMED’s director of geriatrics, recently discussed her role in the College of Medicine’s Curriculum Change Initiative and how it will benefit students.

Integrated. System-based. Active learning. Those are the key concepts of the new curriculum, says Dr. Belen, who also serves as director for the College of Medicine’s Principles of Clinical Medicine course and as the OutReach elective director.

The new curriculum has less lecture time and more independent study time — which will encourage self-directed, motivated learning, says Dr. Belen, who serves on several steering committees for College of Medicine’s Curriculum Change Initiative.

She believes the curriculum transformation will foster positive change for first-year medicine students entering for the 2020-2021 academic year.

“Medical students, by nature, are very eager to learn and apply their knowledge. They’re also problem solvers. Hands-on experience and application of knowledge will lead to clinical competence,” Dr. Belen says, adding that the changes are designed to prepare students for success, not only in school, but also as physicians.”

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