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College of Medicine Students Pay Tribute to Body Donors

Their first patient—that ‘s how students in the College of Medicine often identify the body entrusted to them for their anatomy studies  through NEOMED’s Body Donation program.

Each year, NEOMED holds a service at which students, faculty and staff pay tribute to those who donated their bodies during the past year.

While an in-person service was not possible this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many rising second-year students from the College of Medicine  wished to share their stories and appreciation with the families of the donors. Below are a few of those testimonials:


“It is difficult to put into words how appreciative both I and my fellow students are of the donors’ generosity. The impact that they will have on my career is indescribable. While I wish I could have known more about the donors’ lives and the impact they had on families and others, I can only work to ensure that their donation was not made in vain. I hope to carry both the knowledge and humbling experience that they gifted to me throughout my career and beyond.” 

-Matthew Kubina, College of Medicine Student, Class of 2023


“The donation your loved ones have made will forever be something I hold close to my heart. The lessons I learned and the inspiration they gifted me with will resonate throughout my medical career. To them and to you, I give my sincere thanks.”

-Ain Shajihan, College of Medicine Student, Class of 2023


“There are not words to express my gratitude for the selflessness your loved one exhibited when choosing to be a donor. Their decision has had an invaluable impact on my understanding of how a human body works. Please recognize the legacy your loved one has in the world has not ended with the life you shared, but will continue with each of the patients I provide care. Because of your loved one’s gift, countless lives will be impacted.”

-Rebecca Vijayan, College of Medicine Student, Class of 2023


“Dear Donor Family, I wanted to write these few statements with whatever small worth they may have to thank not only your loved one, but you as well. They gave all that they owned at death to help the world advance medicine forward and know that their donation was for a good cause. For they were our first true patient and they taught us skills that will mend us into future physicians to better serve the public. Know that with every patient we heal, they will surely be remembered for they helped pave the path for the future of medicine. Thank you.”

-Abdul Jaber, College of Medicine Student, Class of 2023