Family & Community Medicine

Accelerated Family Medicine Track (AFMT)

The NEOMED Accelerated Family Medicine Track (AFMT) accelerates the curriculum for selected students who wish to complete their medical school requirements in three calendar years and enter a family medicine residency at a NEOMED affiliated hospital following graduation from medical school.


Successful completion of the traditional curriculum in three calendar years:

  • M1 and M2 curriculum very similar to traditional curriculum
  • 8-week clinical immersion course in summer between M1-M2
  • Early start to M3 clerkships in May of M2 year and completion of all M3 clerkships and required M4 rotations in 1 calendar year


  • Early acceptance to a NEOMED affiliated family medicine residency program — no concerns about “The Match”
  • Begin residency after three calendar years of medical school
  • Elimination of the time and cost of M4 year
  • Decreased student debt: No fourth year tuition
  • Potential for further tuition support for M2 and M3 year in exchange for service commitment

Selection Criteria

  • No academic concerns through the fall semester and the first exam of spring semester (M1)
  • MCAT score ≥ 504 or an exception based on performance during first semester+ of M1
  • Strong interest in pursuing family medicine in Northeast Ohio


Eligible students must submit application and materials by February 1, 2023.

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Mike Appleman, M.A. Ed.
Phone: 330.325.6115


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