Program Overview

Day 1

On the first day, presentations such as Careers in the Life Sciences, A Physician’s Story and Tools of the Trade give students a framework for upcoming activities.

Day 2

On the second day, students are also introduced to a clinical case of a fictitious patient with information about case history, symptoms and lab results. They join professors, graduate students, medical students and physicians in these laboratory experiences that include taking blood pressure, understanding human anatomy and identifying bacteria under light microscopes. Library research and preparing a case presentation give students an idea what it’s like to be a first year medical student.

Day 3

On the final day, friends and family are invited to attend student case presentations as they demonstrate their learning. Students present their clinical findings to the audience of peers, families, medical students and faculty. The students are then awarded a “Certificate of Completion” which is a great start on the path to a degree in a health profession.


As part of the MEDCAMP experience, participants are expected to stay at stay overnight at Kent State University for Thursday and Friday.



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