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What Prepares a Person to Lead?

Is it life circumstances, life events, or a combination that’s different for everyone?

In the following profiles, nine NEOMED health care leaders at various stages of their careers tell their stories.

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“Like a drumbeat.” That’s the steady repetition of the goal one physician heard in her home, where her mother dreamed of her daughters getting the education she had been denied and becoming physicians.

Then there’s the physician-scientist who eagerly earned multiple degrees from Ivy League schools and remembers with a smile that that her family often suggested that she learn to relax.

Whatever varied routes they took, the NEOMED graduates in this group (eight of the nine are alumni) were lifted and propelled by the University’s culture of creating transformational leaders.

With that mentorship and encouragement deep in their bones, they chose to intensify and broaden their impact by learning to lead a team — often in unknown areas and exciting ways they could never have envisioned when they were starting out.

Three medical students reading poetry.

A Mouthful of Hummingbirds

Exploring poetry as a creative outlet for medical professionals.

Three medical students reading poetry.

Better Swallowing for Babes

NEOMED researchers work to develop an artificial bottle and nipple.

Mountains in Cuba, with farmland in the foreground.

Our Cultures, Our Community: Cuba

Dr. Sebastián R. Díaz recalls his family’s immigration from Cuba to the United States.

Three medical students reading poetry.


Second-year student Karen Pham opens up her kitchen and prepares a Vietnamese vermicelli bowl.

Mountains in Cuba, with farmland in the foreground.

What’s in your Backpack?

The Wilderness Medicine Interest Group helps medicine students prepare for off-the-grid emergencies.

Five people in a row smiling at a camera. The woman at center is Judith Barnes Lancaster.

The Rent We Pay

Remembering Judith Barnes Lancaster, Esq. (center), who served on the NEOMED Foundation Board.