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Policy Number: 3349-AC-377
Effective Date: 12/1/2021
Responsible Department: College of Graduate Studies

    The purpose of this policy is to enable College of Pharmacy (COP) students who have not earned a bachelor’s degree to enroll for master’s graduate degrees and certificate programs in the College of Graduate Studies (COGS).
  2. SCOPE
    This policy is applicable only to COP students who have not earned a bachelor’s degree but satisfy the criteria set forth in this policy for pursuit of a COGS degree or certificate
    1. “Bachelor’s Programs” are undergraduate degrees from accredited U.S. institutions.
    2. “Pre-requisites” are courses or other requirement that a student must have successfully taken prior to enrolling in a specific course or program.
    3. “Good Standing” is the term for describing a student who is eligible for continued enrollment at the University.
    1. Only applicants who have been accepted into the COP degree program and currently enrolled COP degree students are eligible to apply.
    2. Matriculants for the COGS master’s degree and certificate programs must comply with the following conditions:
      1. The applicant has completed at least sixty (60) semester credit hours of undergraduate education that includes prerequisites (see individual program descriptions for specific pre-requisite coursework). Pre-requisite credits must be verified on all official transcript(s).
      2. The applicant must have been accepted to a COP degree program or be currently enrolled as a pharmacy student at NEOMED.
      3. A student must be in good standing in their pharmacy program at the point of application.
      4. A letter of support from the Dean of Pharmacy or designee must be included in the application process approving the application for enrollment in a master’s degree or certificate program.
      5. The student may apply for the master’s degree or certificate program as early as the fall semester of the second year of the Pharmacy program.
      6. Complete at least two years of the pharmacy program in order to start the graduate degree.
    3. To earn the master’s degree or certificate, the student must:
      1. Remain in good standing throughout the enrollment of the master’s degree or certificate program(s); and
      2. Comply with and complete all graduate degree or certificate requirements.


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