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Trustee Emeritus Policy

Policy Number: 3349-1-04
Effective Date: 01/01/2021
Responsible Department: Board Secretary

A. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish a mechanism through which the University can recognize the exceptional service and contributions of past members of its Board of Trustees with the designation of Emeritus status.  By conferring Emeritus status upon a former NEOMED Trustee, the University can express its gratitude for the valuable effort provided by the Trustee, while fostering an ongoing relationship between the Trustee and the University.

B. Scope

This policy applies to former members of the NEOMED Board of Trustees.

C. Policy

  1. Qualifications for Emeritus Designation
    1. A former Trustee who has faithfully discharged his/her duties through no less than six (6) years of service as a Trustee will be considered for Emeritus status
    2. This designation is reserved for a Board of Trustee member who has provided significant and substantive service to benefit the University and enhance its educational, training and public service mission by engaging in the following activities:
      1. Attending, at a high ratio, Board and committee meetings, retreats, state meetings, and other activities that foster Board engagement, development, and active participation;
      2. Being recognized as an advocate for the University and its students through attendance and visible involvement in University events and student-centered activities;
      3. Exhibiting dedication to students and the University by attending and engaging in University events including commencements and Foundation-related events; or
      4. Contributing monetarily in support of University initiatives as well as those of the University’s Foundation.
    3. The Trustee must have demonstrated a history of professional accomplishment and community engagement that would warrant external recognition, inuring significant honor and distinction to both the Trustee and the University.
    4. The award of Emeritus status is meritorious and thus, expected to be limited in number.
  2. Nomination Process
    1. The President may nominate a former Trustee who meet the requisite qualifications to the Executive Committee for review and consideration of the Emeritus status. Upon reviewing the nomination, the Executive Committee shall make a recommendation to the full Board of Trustees  that a resolution be prepared and presented for a vote to confer the designation of Emeritus status upon the nominee.
    2. The Trustee Emeritus designation may be awarded after the conclusion of the final term of the Board member. The recipient will be deemed ineligible for reappointment to the NEOMED Board of Trustees by the Appointing Authority after awarded Emeritus status.
    3. Should a Trustee Emeritus later be found to have engaged in conduct unbecoming of this esteemed designation, the President may seek to remove the Emeritus status by making a recommendation to the Board of Trustees for its review and consideration.
  3. Privileges of a Trustee Emeritus
    1. A Trustee Emeritus will enjoy the following privileges, including, but not limited to:
      1. recognition by a Board resolution of emeritus Board status; presentation of a framed resolution;
      2. invitation to attend University events, including Commencement, with special seating privileges and introduction and recognition within the program;
      3. invitation to participate in ad hoc groups or committees where expertise may be beneficial; and
  4. Duties of a Trustee Emeritus
    1. Those duties agreed upon by the Board and the Trustee Emeritus for the benefit of the University.


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