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Outside Employment

Policy Number: 3349-08-60
Effective Date: 09/10/2010
Responsible Department: Human Resources
Applies To: Classified Civil Service Employees

A. Purpose

  1. To establish a Policy for classified civil service employees of the University regarding work outside of the University.

B. Scope

  1. This Policy applies to all classified civil service employees.

C. Definitions

  1. “Conflicts of Interest” occur when a University employee has a private or personal interest or other external commitment, which may appear to an independent observer to be sufficient to influence the objective exercise of the Employee’s professional obligations or official duties.
  2. “Normal Working Hours” are established from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. unless otherwise directed by the Immediate Supervisor.
  3. “Outside Work” refers to paid or unpaid work performed or services provided by an Employee outside their University responsibilities. The work or services may be performed by the Employee as an individual, or through a business owned by the Employee or in the service of a secondary employer. It includes undertaking the role of director of a company or incorporated society.

D. Policy Statement

  1. Classified civil service Employees are required to devote their time during Normal Working Hours to furthering the University’s mission. However, they may accept teaching, research, volunteer and other work assignments beyond their University obligations as long as these additional obligations do not occur during the Employee’s Normal Working Hours. Activities occurring outside Normal Working Hours do not require supervisor approval and no reporting is required. Activities occurring within Normal Working Hours require written authorization by the Immediate Supervisor, in consultation with Human Resources. If authorization is given for such time, the Employee will be required to use accrued vacation time and/or leave without pay.Classified civil service employees shall not engage in any activities or outside employment that may result in a Conflict of Interest. Furthermore, classified civil service employees may not use their University position to obtaining anything of value, including but not limited to, financial gain.

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