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Appendix B – University Faculty Appointment, Promotion & Tenure Bylaws

Policy Number: 3349-03-195
Effective Date: 06/05/2015
Updated: 09/25/2018
Responsible Department: Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Applies To: All Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty

I. Required Dossier Template for Tenure and/or Promotion Review

The Board of Trustees hereby delegates authority to the University senior leadership to amend these Bylaws in consultation with University Faculty Council, as long as the amendments are in conformance with the intent of the Bylaws.

  1. Tenure/Promotion Dossier for Tenure Track Faculty. The Dossier must be complete at the time of submission.  It is the responsibility of the faculty Candidate to present sufficient evidence of the scope and quality of his/her involvement in the curriculum, his/her scholarship, and his/her service.  The Dossier shall include the following:
    1. Cover page – page 1 of the dossier (see sample at the end of this Section).
      1. Full name.
      2. Current department.
      3. Current rank.
    2. Table of Contents – page 2 of the dossier (see sample at the end of this Section).  All pages of the Dossier must be numbered.  All sections must be referenced by page number in the table of contents.
    3. Dossier Narrative.  Write approximately two (2) pages for each of the three (3) evaluation areas describing how you have developed as an academician in each area.
    4. Contributions to the Educational Program of the University.
      1. List all lecture, seminar and tutorials in which you were involved. Specify course name, dates taught, sponsoring institution, role in the activity and whether the activity was at the medical, graduate or other level.
      2. Document your involvement in the preparation of syllabus, course and examination materials. Specify the course name, sponsoring institution and your role in the activity.
      3. Describe your involvement in remediation.  (Do not use student names.)
      4. Describe the extent of your academic advising.  List any graduate students you have advised and their current status (degree candidate or recipient, recipients of awards, other special recognition).
      5. Describe any career guidance activities. (Do not use student names.)
      6. List all external funding you have ever received for educational activities; include funding from years at the University and funding from years before coming to the University.  Include source, title, period and amount of award.  List any grant proposals currently pending.
    5. Research and Scholarly Accomplishments
      1. Describe in two pages or less your active interests in research and other forms of scholarship. Include collaborations with other faculty (NEOMED and other institutions), postdoctoral associates, and graduate or medical students.
      2. List all publications and other scholarly output.  Separate them into the categories (e.g., journals, books, chapters, monographs, case reports, literature reviews, annotated bibliographies, technical reports, and abstracts. Note whether the publication was refereed, invited or otherwise outstanding.  Provide evidence of the quality of publications as previously indicated in Appendix B – University Faculty Bylaw Appointment, Promotion and Tenure.  Provide up to five publications that are significant and representative of your scholarly activities.  (Attach copies to back of Dossier.)
      3. List all your lectures, invited addresses, poster presentations or educational displays at professional meetings, colloquia, workshops, seminars and conference presentations.
      4. List all your professional consultations in study design, data analysis, measurement and evaluation.
      5. List any support generated through grants, contracts and other sources.  List the source, title, period and amount of award.  You may also list priority scores/percentile rankings of any proposals approved but not funded.  List any grant proposals currently pending.
    6. Service Related to the University
      1. List memberships on NEOMED/consortium committees, boards, councils, etc. List other service to NEOMED.
      2. List professional service activities such as service on research review committees, ad hoc research reviews, editorial board membership, editorship, editorial reviews, etc.
      3. Document service to the community on biomedical topics.
      4. Document service to governmental bodies on biomedical topics.
      5. Describe your role in planning, organizing and implementing service projects.
      6. List support for service activities generated through grants, contracts and other sources.  Include the source, title, period and amount of award.  You may also list priority scores of approved but not funded proposals.  List any grant proposals currently pending.
    7. Professional Standing
      1. List all degrees earned.  List the complete name and address of the institution granting the degree and dates of attendance.
      2. List all professional licenses or certificates.
      3. List all honorary degrees.  List the complete name and address of the institution granting the degree and dates of attendance.
      4. List all fellowships and post-doctoral experiences.  List the complete name and address of the institution where you worked, your supervisor(s) name(s) and the dates of your appointment.
      5. List all honors and awards.
      6. List all offices held in professional societies.
      7. List all invited memberships in honorary societies.
      8. You may provide other information or materials that support your application.
      9. Attestation.  This statement must appear as the final entry of the Dossier (before copies of your publications).

“I hereby submit this Dossier to the University Tenure and Promotions Committee as evidence in support of my candidacy for Tenure. I attest that the information provided herein is true and accurate to the best of my ability.  I further certify that this Dossier was complete when submitted and contains ___ pages.”



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