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Bylaws of the Board of Trustees

Article V

The University President

Section 1. Chief Executive and Chief Academic Officer

The President is the Chief Executive and Chief Academic Officer of the University and reports to the Board in that capacity. As such the President is charged with the responsibility and is vested with the authority to lead the University; properly promulgate those administrative and academic policies that will support the proper functioning of the University; develop and implement a University strategic plan; oversee all of the University’s administrative and academic operations; act as the University’s spokesperson (or his designee); and, perform such other duties as may be delegated by the Board. The Board hereby authorizes the President to execute all contracts; leases and other documents on behalf of the University. The Board further authorizes such Administrative Officers of the University as identified by the President to execute contracts and other documents on behalf of the University.

Section 2. Meetings of the Board and Committee Membership

The Board hereby grants to the President the right to attend all meetings of the Board, except those meetings where he/she may have a perceived or real conflict of interest. The President is hereby invested with Ex Officio Membership on all Board Committees.

Section 3. Communications with the Board

The President will keep the Board appropriately informed about significant issues affecting the University; and of public events and opportunities where Trustee presence will further the interests of the University. The Trustees shall refrain from representing the University without the President’s knowledge and involvement; and they will communicate with the President in a timely manner if significant information or issues are brought to their attention by someone other than the President or another Administrative Officer in the normal course of business.

Section 4. Performance Review

The annual Presidential Performance Review will be conducted by the full Board in an Executive Session at the last regularly scheduled meeting of the fiscal year. The Board will review the performance of the President based on the Goals submitted by the President and reviewed and approved by the Board. The process for the review will include a self-assessment by the President; goal setting for the coming fiscal year; a discussion between the President and the Board; and, a private session in which feedback to the President is provided by the Chair and Vice Chair of the Board immediately following the meeting at which the Performance Review is conducted. Any changes in compensation will be approved by the Board at an open and public session of the Board. The General Counsel will provide staff support for the performance review process.


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