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Access and Use of University Owned Buildings

Policy Number: 3349-10-76
Effective Date: 01/24/2011
Responsible Department: All Departments
Applies To: All University Employees, Students, Visitors

A. Purpose

  1. The University strives to provide a safe and secure environment and to meet the educational and professional needs of students and employees. Toward this end, this policy establishes restricted access buildings, open access buildings, periods when University buildings may be used, and prescribes conditions under which persons may use closed facilities.

B. Scope

  1. This rules applies to all University owned or leased buildings and to all persons who enter or use such buildings.

C. Definitions

  1. “Designated University Officials” include:    Department Chairs, the Director of Campus Operations, or Senior University Administrator.
  2. “University Owned or Leased Buildings” include those buildings and facilities on the Rootstown, Ohio campus and others leased by or under the control of the University.
  3. “Restricted Access Building” includes all buildings except for the public areas of the Information Center and the Conference Center.
  4. “Senior University Administrators” for purposes of this policy include the President, Deans of the Colleges, Vice‐Presidents and the General Counsel.

D. Policy Statement

  1. All University Restricted Access Buildings are closed from one (1) a.m. to six (6) a.m., Monday through Friday and all weekend and designated University holidays or breaks.
    1. No Restricted Access Building may be utilized for non‐University related events after one (1) a.m.
    2. Except in the case of an emergency, no University Owned or Leased Building may be used for overnight or sleeping accommodations.
  2. At any time, University Employees must have the permission of their Immediate Supervisor to have non‐business related visitors s in any Restricted Access Building for any period in excess of thirty (30) minutes.
  3. It is permissible for a Designated University Official to allow employees under his or her control to utilize offices, laboratories and other areas for University related purposes during periods when a Restricted Access Building is closed.
    1. The Designated University Official authorizing such use assumes responsibility for the conduct of personnel so authorized and for the security of the area.
    2. No Designated University Official may authorize the use of facilities for non‐university events during the hours one (1) a.m. to six (6) a.m. or for overnight accommodations without the written consent of the President or the Director of Campus Operations.
    3. The Designated University Official will notify Security of the names of the persons authorized and the dates and times of such authorization via email at campsec@neoucom.edu.
  4. University Employees or currently enrolled students may only use a closed Restricted Access Building if they have the permission of one of a Designated University Official and they have in their possession a valid University identification card.
  5. University‐contracted employees engaged in the performance of their job duties must have and display valid identification from the contractors that is acceptable to the University.
  6. The Information Center and the Conference Center have defined hours of operation and use restrictions. Patrons using these facilities must abide by these hours and restrictions.
  7. Persons who do not have authorization to enter and use Restricted Access Buildings as set forth herein will be asked to leave the building by Security Personnel. Persons who do not abide by the request will be informed that they are considered trespassers and that the Sheriff’s Office will be notified immediately. Disruptive persons may be detained by the Security Personnel until Sheriff’s Officers arrive on the scene.


Lisa Noland
Administrative Specialist
Phone: 330.325.6354
Email: lnoland@neomed.edu

Office of General Counsel

Northeast Ohio Medical University