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President Langell

NEOMED Leaders Discuss University’s Role in Training Physicians

Northeast Ohio Medical University President John Langell and College of Medicine Dean Elisabeth Young recently teamed up for an interview by Jeremy Lydic in The Business Journal’s Brain Gain series.

Both leaders spoke to the regional and community impact of NEOMED graduates.

Dr. Langell noted, “We have a very high number of our graduates who take on quite important leadership roles around the country, but especially here in the state of Ohio. And to give them the tools necessary to be the drivers of change rather than trying to shift around the system that we’re in with practitioners who have already been trained but haven’t had that level of forethought in their education, I think that’s the place where we have the biggest impact.”

Dr. Young described NEOMED graduates as critically important to the Northeast Ohio health care industry, especially given the shortage of primary care physicians.

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