Global Health
& Innovation


Here are the course requirements for our master’s degree and our certificate.

Course requirements for the Master of Global Health and Innovation

Subject Course # Course title Credits Type of course Offered
GLBH 60801 Foundations in Population, Global and Underserved Health 3 Required Fall
GLBH 60802 Understanding Health Systems 3 Required Spring
GLBH 60803 Principles of Biomedical Innovation 1 3 Required Fall
GLBH 60804 Principles of Biomedical Innovation 2 3 Required Spring
GLBH 60805 Immersion In Global and Underserved Health 6 Required All
DATA 60806 Applied Data Analytics in Health Systems 3 Required Spring
GLBH 60807 Global Health Capstone 1 3 Required Fall
GLBH 60808 Global Health Capstone 2 3 Required Spring
Choose one of the following electives
BMS 60404 Research Methods 3 Elective Fall & Spring
BMS 60303 Research Writing for Scholarship 3 Elective Fall & Spring
DATA 60408 Statistical Methodology in Biomedical Science 3 Elective Spring
HUM 60314 Social Determinants of Health 3 Elective Spring

Students who enroll in this 10-credit certificate will acquire practical knowledge and skills about health systems in low resource areas, cultural, social and environmental determinants of health care delivery and care seeking. This knowledge is not only applicable abroad, but is critical when caring for vulnerable, marginalized populations in the U.S. (i.e., refugee populations) and will help students to be become well rounded medical professionals.

Subject Course # Course title Credits Type of course Offered
COGS 65801 Foundations in Global Health 3 Required Fall
COGS 65210 Global Health & Health Systems 3 Required Spring
COGS 6095X Immersion Experience & Capstone Projecty 4 Required Summer, Fall and Spring

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions for the Global Health & Innovation program can be found in the current edition of the NEOMED Compass, the University Catalog and Student Handbook.