Freedom of Expression

At NEOMED, the ideals of free speech, the free exchange of ideas and freedom of expression are respected and sustained. We recognize the constitutional freedoms guaranteed by the United States and Ohio constitutions, including freedom of speech, press and assembly.

The policies on this page seek to balance those foundational ideals with the University’s need to ensure the effective operation of educational, business and related activities, and to preserve and protect our property, students, guests and employees.

Policies for Students, Employees and Visitors

Student Conduct

Expectations of student conduct starts on this page of the Compass. Scroll to the header on that page that reads Student Conduct and Professional Behavior.

Academic Freedom


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Freedom of Expression in Action

One Month is Not Enough

Diamanta Panford-Ufere, a second-year medicine student, discusses the crucial events and people in the Black diaspora in our weekday e-newsletter

Student Op-Ed: Stop Medicare Privatization

Two College of Medicine students took a stand on Medicare privatization – and they got it published. Wednesday, Feb. 16, posted an Op-Ed titled “Biden’s Costly Failure to Stop Medicare Privatization Experiment in Ohio” by first-year medicine students Maximilian Brockwell and James Tyler Moore.

What NEOMED’s Flag Display Means to Me

Hala Daghlas-Yusuf, a third-year pharmacy student and a first-generation Palestinian American, talks about the Palestinian and other international flags that hang from the rafters of a busy concourse at NEOMED.

COVID-19 and Race

Dr. Joseph Zarconi, M.D., professor and then chair of internal medicine, discusses how the pandemic exposed again the social, structural and racial inequities that leave marginalized populations at greater risk of infections and complications from COVID-19. The story starts on Page 12.