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Kristin Baughman, Ph.D.

Kristin Baughman, Ph.D.

Phone: 330.325.6161
Email: kbaughma@neomed.edu


Adjunct Graduate Faculty, College of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor of Family and Community Medicine


Kristin Baughman, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Family & Community Medicine at NEOMED. She received her Ph.D. in Sociology from Indiana University at Bloomington. She conducts health services research with a focus on advance care planning, conversations about treatment options and patient values between healthcare providers, patients and their families. She also does research on health disparities examining issues of access to care and bias.

Dr. Baughman is currently involved in several grants including the Ohio Cardiovascular Collaborative (Cardi-OH.org), the Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program, and a Workforce Resiliency grant. She serves on the editorial board for the journal, The Gerontologist, and is the interim faculty chair for the College of Medicine’s Curriculum Committee. Her teaching focuses on biostatistics and research methods for medical students, Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) students, and post-graduates.


  • Population Health, Co-course director, first-year medical students
  • Patient, Physician & Community, small group leader, first and second-year medical students
  • Practice Based Learning and Improvement, faculty evaluator, third-year students
  • Quality Improvement, faculty evaluator, fourth-year medical students
  • Research Methods and Evaluation, Co-course director, MPH students
  • Capstone I, faculty evaluator, MPH students
  • Capstone II, faculty preceptor, MPH students


  • Baughman KR and Fischbein R. Teaching the scientific method and self-directed learning to medical students using publicly available resources. Research presentation at the Society for Teachers of Family Medicine Annual Spring Conference, May 2022, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Fischbein R, Cook H, Baughman, K. Using machine learning to predict help-seeking among PRAMS participants with postpartum depression symptoms. Research round table at the Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association held virtually on October 25, 2021.
  • Harlan, L, Labatte A, Baughman K, Ludwick R. The Role of Gender and Couple Status in Predicting Advance Care Planning Practices. Poster presentation at: American Geriatrics Society, held virtually on May 14, 2021.
  • Baughman, KR, Ludwick R, Jarjoura D, Kropp D. Impact of Advance Care Planning Self-efficacy and Beliefs on Professional Judgements. Academy Health, 2019 June 3: Washington DC.
  • Baughman KR, Ludwick R, Jarjoura D, Kropp D, Impact of Disease Trajectory Markers on Professional Judgements about Advance Care Planning. Oral presentation at: 2016 Gerontological Society of America Annual Scientific Meeting; 2016 November 23; New Orleans.


Baughman KR, Ludwick R, Jarjoura D, Yeager M, Kropp D. Multi-Site Study of Provider Self-Efficacy and Beliefs in Explaining Judgments About Need and Responsibility for Advance Care Planning. American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. 2020 Dec 9:1049909120979977.

Baughman KR, Ludwick R, Jarjoura D, Kropp D, Shenoy V. Advance care planning in skilled nursing facilities: A multi-site examination of professional judgments. The Gerontologist. 2019; 59(2):338–346.

Ludwick R, Baughman KR, Jarjoura D, Kropp DJ. CE: Original Research Advance Care Planning: An Exploration of the Beliefs, Self-Efficacy, Education, and Practices of RNs and LPNs. The American Journal of Nursing. 2018; 118(12):26-32.

Baughman KR, Ludwick R, Fischbein R, McCormick K, Meeker, Hewit M, Drost J, Kropp D. Development of a scale to assess physician advance care planning self-efficacy. American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. 2017; 34(5):435-441.

Blackie M, Palmisano B, Sanders M, Baughman KR, Thomas J, Sperling D, Scott E, Radwany S, and Drost J. Building Caregiver Partnerships: A Curriculum for Medical, Health Professions, and Interprofessional Education. Academic Medicine. 2019; 94 (10), 1483-1488.


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