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Preparation and Disclosure of Crime Statistics

Policy Number: 3349‐10‐60
Effective Date: 09/10/2010
Responsible Department: Public Safety and Security
Applies To: Rootstown Campus and Adjoining Property

A. Purpose

  1. To establish a Policy to assure that the University complies with the crime statistics reporting requirements of the Clery Act.

B. Scope

  1. The Clery Act requires reporting of specific crimes that have occurred on campus student residences; on public property immediately adjacent and accessible from the campus; and all non‐campus buildings or property wherever they may be situated.

C. Definitions

  1. “Clery Act” refers to the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act, 20 U.S.C. §1092(f), and its implementation regulations, 34 C.F.R. 688.46.
  2. “Rootstown Campus” includes all of the real property, buildings and equipment owned by or for the benefit of the University in Rootstown Township, Portage County, Ohio.
  3. “Reportable Crimes” pursuant to the Clery Act and recognized by the Ohio Revised Code include:
    1. “Criminal homicide” which encompasses murder and non‐negligent manslaughter; and negligent manslaughter.
    2. “Forcible Sex Offenses” include forcible rape; forcible sodomy; sexual assault with an object; and forcible fondling.
    3. Theft or attempted theft of a motor vehicle.
    4. “Non‐Forcible Sex Offenses” which includes unlawful, non‐forcible sexual intercourse, such as incest or statutory rape.
    5. “Liquor Law Violations” which include the violation of laws or ordinances prohibiting: the manufacture, sale, transporting, furnishing, possessing of intoxicating liquor; maintaining unlawful drinking places; bootlegging; operating a still; furnishing liquor to a minor or intemperate person; using a vehicle for illegal transportation of liquor; drinking on a train or public conveyance; and any attempts to commit the foregoing activities.
    6. “Drug Abuse Violations” which include violations of state and local laws relating to the unlawful possession, sale, use, growing, manufacturing, and making of narcotic drugs and any attempts to commit the foregoing acts. The relevant substances include: opium or cocaine and their derivatives (morphine, heroin, codeine); marijuana; synthetic narcotics (demerol, methadone); and dangerous non‐narcotic drugs (barbiturates, benzedrine).
    7. “Weapon Law Violations” which include the violation of laws or ordinances dealing with weapon offenses, regulatory in nature, such as: the manufacture, sale or possession of deadly weapons; the carrying of deadly weapons, concealed or openly; the furnishing of deadly weapons to minors; aliens possessing deadly weapons; and any attempts to commit the foregoing acts.
    8. Robbery.
    9. Aggravated Assault, irrespective of whether the injury resulted from an aggravated assault when a gun, knife, or other weapon.
    10. Arson.
    11. Burglary, which includes unlawful entry with intent to commit a larceny or a felony; breaking and entering with intent to commit a larceny; housebreaking; safecracking; and any attempts to commit the foregoing acts.

D.Body of the Policy

  1. NEOMED’s Office of Public Safety and Security will prepare a report to comply with the Clery Act. The report will contain information on the reportable crimes specified herein and any crimes that may be designated by amendment to the
    Clery Act. The full text of this report can be located on our web site at https://www.neomed.edu/police. This report will be prepared in cooperation with the local law enforcement agencies that cover the Rootstown Campus and adjoining public property as well as all University departments.
  2. Campus crime, arrest and referral statistics include those reported to the Office of Public Safety and Security, designated campus officials, and local law enforcement agencies.
  3. Each year, students, faculty, and staff will be notified of the reportable crimes that occurred on campus for the past reporting year. This information will also be accessible through the University website.  A paper copy of the report may also be obtained from the Office of Public Safety and Security by calling 330.325.6492; or emailing a request to publicsafety@neomed.edu.


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