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College of Medicine makes changes to Student Curriculum Council (SCC)


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The Student Curriculum Council (SCC) is a group of students elected from each college who represent the student voice in the curriculum. Traditionally, representatives from  both the College of Medicine and College of Pharmacy have met together monthly to discuss student issues concerning their respective college’s curriculum. The COM representatives also serve on the Curriculum Management and Assessment Committee (CMAC) and its subcommittees. CMAC is the faculty committee responsible for oversight of the COM curriculum, and there are two SCC reps who serve on CMAC each year as voting members.

Due to the curricular focus for the LCME accreditation and the critical need for student leadership in the decision-making process on these actions, the COM SCC representatives, for this year, will be meeting on their own. Deans Palmer and Pokorny are helping to support the COM SCC members. The following are some COM SCC member perspectives on the adjustment for this year: 

“While it has been a pleasure working with our peers in the school of pharmacy, there are many curricular issues that are unique to the school of medicine and others unique to them. This change will allow us to focus our time and efforts on the issues that matter most to students in the school of medicine.”- Drew Ford, M4

 “With the induction of Dr. John Langell as NEOMED`s seventh president and with all of the changes that will be occurring due to the LCME accreditation feedback, I think that this is a very trying and exciting time for our university. Although we are sad to be losing the co-curricular aspect of our university council, we are eager to spend the extra time gained and put it back into our cohort. We have been given an amazing opportunity to positively impact medical students for years to come, and we don`t intend on squandering it.”- Troy Kotsch, M2

The COM SCC representatives are the students’ advocates for all issues relating to the NEOMED curriculum. Students should reach out to them with concerns and also look for increased communication from their representatives.

COM SCC Members

Lexi Glaser-M1

Ali Syed- M1

Troy Kotsch- M2  (CMAC voting member)

Neya Sterling- M2

Tim Fischer -M3

Saeed Khoncarly- M3

Drew Ford- M4  (CMAC voting member)

Palak Patel- M4

M1-M2 Student Curriclum council representatives Troy Kotsch, Lexi Glaser, Ali Syed and Neya Sterling

M3-M4 student representatives Drew Ford, Palak Patel and Saeed Khoncarly, not pictured: Tim Fischer



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