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Application deadline: March 1, 2016

Please apply at

Applicants will be selected through the PharmCAS system. We no longer require supplemental applications.

The College of Pharmacy’s work in the development of the doctor of pharmacy degree continues and all information is subject to change. Please visit our web site frequently to obtain the latest updates and program details.

Preprofessional Background

All undergraduate students will be required to take preprofessional courses as a foundation for the professional program in pharmacy. This coursework includes general education that will encourage the broadening of intellectual powers and interests. The preprofessional background will facilitate the development of professional practitioners capable of understanding their role as health care providers in a culturally diverse society. The preprofessional pharmacy requirements will provide students with the coursework necessary for successful completion of the professional pharmacy curriculum. When combined with the professional curriculum, it will provide students with an excellent education. Applicants for admission to the Pharm.D. program must complete a minimum of 72 semester hours or 105 quarter hours:

Required Preprofessional Courses

Semester HoursQuarter Hours
Biology and Other Life Sciences Sequence (with lab) 8 12
Inorganic Chemistry Sequence (with lab) 8 12
Organic Chemistry Sequence (with lab) 8 12
General Physics Sequence 6 9
Biochemistry Sequence 6 9
Calculus 3 4
Statistics 3 4
Economics 3 4
Literature or Composition 6 9
Speech or Communication 3 4
Psychology 3 4
*General Education and/or Additional Science 15 22
Total 72 105

*General Education and/or additional science courses are defined as humanities, social science, business, computer literacy, and additional coursework in the other prerequisite categories.  A course can be used only once to fulfill a prerequisite. 

If, for example, a student takes a four credit hour Communications course to fulfill the three credit hour Communications requirement, the extra one credit hour may be carried over toward fulfilling the General Education requirement. 

Microbiology, Cell Biology, Genetics, and Molecular Biology are acceptable substitutions for up to three credit hours of the Biochemistry requirement. 

A Unique Curriculum

The College of Pharmacy will build upon the established excellence of its medical education program and become a national model for the interdisciplinary training of health care professions. The pharmacy curriculum emphasizes the College's core values:  competence, communication, caring, character, curiosity and community. Distinctive features of our College of Pharmacy include:

  • A curriculum that emphasizes interdisciplinary teamwork, with the medical students and pharmacy students in many combined educational settings. This emphasis allows students to develop a broad view of patient care and work effectively with other health professionals, leading to superior patient care.
  • An innovative and progressive curriculum with a depth in educational experiences featuring advanced pharmacy practice experiences, clerkships, capstone project and community service.
  • State-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, computer facilities, lounges and offices.
  • Experiential training sites throughout northeastern Ohio.
  • Opportunity to be taught by dedicated medical and pharmacy school faculty. This allows faculty to give personal attention to each student and in turn students learn to give personal attention to their future patients.
  • Opportunities to actively engage in research and publishing.

For specific questions pertaining to the Pharmacy program, please feel free to email or call 330.325.6274.


New scholarship opportunities may be available for incoming students. Check back later this fall for more information.