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B.S./M.D. Admissions (From High School)
Direct Entry M.D. Admissions (From College)
Advanced Standing Admissions (From Another Medical School)
Cleveland State Partnership Programs


The mission of Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) College of Medicine is to graduate qualified physicians oriented to the practice of medicine at the community level, with an emphasis on primary care: family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics and obstetrics/gynecology. NEOMED strives to improve the quality of health care in northeast Ohio through:

  • education of undergraduate medical students;
  • assistance to the residency programs in the associated hospitals;
  • continuing education of physicians and other health professionals;
  • the participation of faculty and students in the development of new knowledge through research and consortial education of graduate students in the biomedical, community health and behavioral sciences; and
  • the provision of community service programs and health education throughout the region.


The College of Medicine will be recognized as the premier community based medical school in the United States, with greatness defined as:

  • national leadership in medical education;
  • nationally recognized for excellence in focused areas of research and scholarship; and
  • being an outstanding place to learn and work.


The University's integrated, interprofessional curriculum is one of its most distinctive assets. It trains students to be superb scientists, skilled practitioners, and compassionate communicators. Our institutional values are based on the characteristics that people want to see in their health care professionals: competence, communication, caring, character, curiosity and community, known collectively on campus as the Six Cs. These values permeate through our educational, research and work environments.