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M. Rosen


Merri Rosen
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Duke University



We are interested in the development of auditory perception and its underlying neural coding in the auditory system. In particular, we study how neural circuits and perceptual abilities are influenced by hearing loss and auditory experience over time. The lab examines neural activity underlying the perception of natural and artificial sounds, as well as vocal communication calls, in the Mongolian gerbil. To do so, we record from implanted arrays of electrodes in animals of different ages while they perform behavioral discrimination tasks. We use intracellular in vivo recordings to identify changes in local circuits that are associated with hearing loss and maturation. Computational analyses of the data assess alterations in neural coding that correlate with perceptual deficits and maturational changes.

Join the Lab:

There are positions currently available within the Developmental Auditory Processing Lab.

PhD and MS graduate training occurs in cooperation with the School of Biomedical Sciences and Department of Audiology at Kent State University. Please directly if you would like more information.

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