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Baccalaureate/M.D. Path

Frequently Asked Questions

For students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in any academic areas and would like to pursue a career in medicine, NEOMED and CSU have created the Baccalaureate/M.D. program.

About the Bacc/M.D.

This non-accelerated combined degree program allows CSU undergraduates of most majors to apply for admission to the Bacc/M.D. program which includes a reserved seat at NEOMED’s College of Medicine. The baccalaureate portion of this pathway includes courses and seminars in urban health at CSU. CSU students may apply to the Bacc/M.D. program when they have attained sophomore standing. Admitted students will pursue an Urban Health concentration.

Admission Requirements

To be considered an eligible applicant for the NEOMED-CSU Bacc/M.D., candidates must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents and:

  • Be currently enrolled at CSU with sophomore class standing at time of application
  • Earned at least a 21 on the ACT (combined 1000 on the SAT) OR earned a 3.0 high school GPA
  • Earned at least a 3.2 college GPA
  • 59 credit hours must be earned by the end of the academic year that applicant is applying
  • The following prerequisite courses or approved transfer courses must be completed by end of academic year that applicant is applying: BIO 200/201, BIO 202/203, CHM 261/266, CHM 262/267
  • Successfully complete the traditional panel interview process at NEOMED with NEOMED and CSU faculty.

As publicly funded universities in the state of Ohio, preferential admission is given to Ohio residents.

Application Materials

Bacc/M.D. applicants would need to submit:

  • Official high school transcript
  • Official ACT or SAT scores
  • Official College transcript(s)
  • Official transcripts from every institution following high school
  • Two letters of recommendation: One personal; one academic, preferably from a science or math professor (no letters from relatives)
  • Personal letters of recommendation may come from a co-worker, supervisor, clergy, counselor, officer of a non-profit or volunteer organization, etc. These letters should speak to your personal attributes.
  • Academic letters may come from faculty, research supervisors, work supervisors, practicing physicians or healthcare providers. Professional letter authors should address your academic potential, scientific and/or clinical abilities, responsibility, work ethic, and general work skills.
  • Supplemental items (college transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.) must be postmarked by January 15th. :

Supplemental items can be mailed to:

NEOMED Enrollment Services
4209 SR 44
Rootstown, OH 44272

Proposed Promotion Requirements

An admitted student to the combined Bacc/M.D. program has a reserved seat at the College of Medicine, and will matriculate to NEOMED if all promotion requirements are met. Students will be required to take the MCAT by the April test date prior to matriculation at the College of Medicine.

The proposed promotion requirements (subject to change) for NEOMED’s College of Medicine require that students must:

  • Successfully complete Urban Health courses and seminars, and
  • Have no less than a C- on all required courses, and
  • Successfully complete bachelor’s degree at CSU before matriculating to NEOMED
  • Successfully complete urban health courses and seminars

As well as the following academic criteria:

  • 3.40 overall GPA in CSU baccalaureate coursework, 3.40 GPA in biology, chemistry, physics and math, MCAT* score of 125 or higher in each subtest on the most recent test and no less than a C- on all required courses

Important Dates

October—NEOMED application available
January 15—NEOMED application due
January 15Supplemental items postmark deadline
July—Acceptance into the Bacc/M.D. program notification scheduled

April—Of senior year, must have taken the MCAT
Spring—Of senior year, full promotion to NEOMED notification scheduled