Summer Research Fellowship Program

REDIzone Research Opportunities

Judith Fulton, Ph.D.

Organ-on-Chip Technology for Kidney and Liver Toxicity Testing

  • Learn about organ-on-chip systems
  • Choose a drug and complete a literature search on its toxicities and prior testing
  • Learn human kidney and/or liver cell culture techniques
  • Learn extracellular matrix preparation techniques
  • Learn to use the Nortis organ-on-chip equipment
  • Design experiment
  • Create a kidney- and/or liver-on-chip
  • Test drug toxicity in kidney- and/or liver-on-chip
  • Compare results to literature
  • Make a presentation to the Pharmacy Proof of Concept Center Committee

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Nona Hose
Phone: 330.325.6499

These projects are funded by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP).

Summer Research Fellowship Program

Office of Research & Sponsored Programs