2020-2025 Strategic Plan

Service and Community Engagement

Pillar lead:








Mary Taylor, M. Tax, CPA
Vice President for
Operations and Finance

Guiding Principles

  • Partnerships and collaboration are critical and central to NEOMED’s mission. NEOMED will be strategic and intentional in deciding where and when to invest its human and financial resources.
  • In doing so, the following principles will guide these decisions:
    • The partnership should further NEOMED’s mission of education, discovery, and service
    • The partnership should increase opportunities for NEOMED students
    • The partnership should further the growth and development of faculty and staff
    • The partnership should represent a mutually beneficial opportunity for NEOMED and the partner business, institution or organization
    • The partnership should further community health, economic development and/or overall quality of life
    • The partnership should be aligned with the other goals and strategies outlined in the strategic plan
  • With this framework, NEOMED will sharpen its focus on the service opportunities and partnerships that provide the greatest value and return on investment.

Strategic Initiatives

  1. NEOMED will build and maintain strategic partnerships that provide exceptional learning opportunities for students, strengthen research and further the University’s impact
  2. NEOMED will collaborate with others to improve health care outcomes in its communities
  3. NEOMED will develop strategic partnerships with other organizations to advance medical knowledge, expand the reach and impact of research, and improve the health and wellness of the community
  4. NEOMED will advocate for its community by enlisting key stakeholder support on political, regulatory and/or business issues that have current or future impact on the University

Service and Community Engagement


Samantha Bliss
Phone: 330.325.6252
Email: sbliss@neomed.edu