2020-2025 Strategic Plan


Pillar leads:








Andre Burton, J.D.
Vice President for Human Resources and Diversity








Amy Lee, M.D., M.P.H., M.B.A.
Program Director, Consortium of Eastern Ohio Master of Public Health

Guiding Principles

  • NEOMED’s faculty, staff and students are its most valued and essential resources. NEOMED is committed to fostering leadership at all levels in a nurturing and collaborative environment.
  • NEOMED is committed to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce and student body. It is committed to ensuring equity and inclusion at all levels of the University
  • NEOMED faculty and staff are dedicated to serving students and are empowered to provide and support superior service – whether in the classroom, the campus or the community — as one unified University.
  • NEOMED seeks to develop and retain leaders; to recognize outstanding performance and contributions to the University; and to communicate to all members of the NEOMED family that they are valued.

Strategic Initiatives


  1. Recruit and retain a diverse student body, reflective of the community we serve
  2. Create an interpersonal culture of excellence that delivers an Exceptional Student Experience
  3. Create a campus environment that promotes and enhances a healthy study/life balance and builds a sense of community


Faculty and Staff

  1. Attract and retain a more diverse faculty and staff
  2. Evaluate the organizational structure to ensure faculty and staff workforce levels are sufficient, workloads are manageable, duplication is reduced, and oversight is appropriate
  3. Develop robust professional development initiatives targeted to the needs and aspirations of faculty and staff
  4. Evaluate compensation plans, create promotion pathways and develop succession plans
  5. Build a strong culture of appreciation, recognition and collegiality for all NEOMED employees
  6. Keep communication channels transparent
  7. Provide greater opportunities for input from the NEOMED community to assist in University decision-making
  8. Create a culture of operational excellence
  9. Develop more philanthropic resources



  1. Create opportunities that play a valuable role in Alumni professional development and their ongoing success
  2. Expand opportunities for Alumni to connect with current students and the University
  3. Develop meaningful experiences to engage Alumni
  4. Recognize Alumni for their accomplishments and leadership



Samantha Bliss
Phone: 330.325.6252
Email: sbliss@neomed.edu