2020-2025 Strategic Plan


Pillar lead:

Candid headshot of Rebecca German, Ph.D.

Rebecca German, Ph.D.
Vice President for Research

Guiding Principles

  • Productive research programs in the Colleges of Medicine, Pharmacy and Graduate Studies are essential to NEOMED’s mission with the overarching objective of improving health and health care through discoveries.
  • NEOMED aspires to be a leader in research by making significant discoveries through high impact research. Its intent is to create new knowledge and translate that knowledge into practical applications that improve health outcomes locally, nationally and globally.
  • NEOMED’s culture of discovery will lead to breakthroughs in prevention, diagnosis, treatment and healing of health conditions, while advancing new models of care. NEOMED will foster an entrepreneurial environment to encourage the commercialization of high-impact research breakthroughs that advance health and health care.
  • NEOMED’s discovery efforts will provide students and trainees significant and unique learning

Strategic Initiatives

  1. Promote excellence in NEOMED’s research enterprise
  2. Develop a more translational and health services focus in NEOMED’s research agenda
  3. Develop and execute a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship
  4. Publicize and promote NEOMED’s research successes externally and internally
  5. Promote research that advances the scholarship of teaching



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