Research & Faculty

Summer Research Fellowship Program

Stipends & Commitment

All students agree to fulfill a commitment with the project investigator for completion of a summer research fellowship. Each project investigator is volunteering their time and expertise to train the fellow. It is the student’s responsibility to be prompt, available for the project for the contracted time and attend to all requirements of the fellowship.

The total stipend for the summer research fellowship will be $3,000. Summer research fellows are considered to be NEOMED employees and will be paid on a monthly basis through NEOMED’s payroll system and will be subject to withholding tax and OPERS withholdings. A W-2 will be issued to the summer research fellow the following January for use in filing their tax return.

NOTE: A student can claim exempt on their tax withholdings if they believe they are eligible for a tax refund on their tax return. A student can also apply for a refund for the withholding paid to OPERS after they leave NEOMED’s employment. However, the 1.45% withholding for Medicare is not exempt and cannot be refunded after end of employment.


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