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Natalie Bonfine, Ph.D. & Rebecca Fischbein, Ph.D.

Medical and Pharmacy Students’ Experience with and Attitudes about Seeking Mental Health Services

The aim of this study is to complete secondary data analysis of an existing national dataset of medical and pharmacy students in the United States. Specifically, this project will help us better understand perceived barriers to treatment seeking and satisfaction with help-seeking among medical and pharmacy students in the U.S. We will also examine factors that contribute to help-seeking behaviors among this population.

While the student Fellows will work with the co-PIs to develop and define specific research questions, the general, guiding research objectives for this study are to:

  1. describe the current literature on medical and pharmacy student mental health needs and factors that contribute or inhibit help-seeking behaviors,
  2. analyze quantitative data on medical and pharmacy students’ attitudes towards seeking care for mental health problems and identify perceived barriers to help-seeking.

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