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Summer Research Fellowship Program

Hiring Procedures


The application and interview process is currently underway. Please submite your applications as soon as possible.

The project investigators have been asked to conduct interviews and select the student(s) who will be working on their project(s) by Friday, March 22, 2019.

Application/Interview process

  • Prepare a curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Submit the application form and your CV to all investigators from whom you are requesting an interview

Download a CV example*

Download a hard copy application*

Hiring Process

Students and project investigators should approach the fellowships as job opportunities. Students are asked to submit an application and curriculum vitae to the project investigator(s) of their choice. The project investigators will then contact the student(s) in which they are interested and set up an interview. After interviews are conducted, the project investigator will make his/her selection and offer the position to the student of his/her choice. Once a student has accepted the offer of a fellowship, the project investigator will notify Nona Hose in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

Nona Hose will provide Human Resources (HR) the names of the students who have been selected. HR will contact each student to provide the necessary paperwork and to set up an appointment for onboarding if necessary. The project investigators will be asked to fill out a NEOMED Training Checklist form indicating any safety training that will be required (lab safety, animal care and use, etc.). This checklist will be provided to the student and to NEOMED’s Safety Officer, Mechelle Gehle-Wann.

All paperwork and applicable safety training must be done before the student can begin working on a project. 

NOTE: Students who are required to complete a summer course remediation are strongly discouraged from participating in any summer research fellowship program that overlaps with the remediation exam study period.  Please contact Craig Theissen, director of academic support, at or 330.325.6758 for additional information.


Nona Hose
Phone: 330.325.6499