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Michael Appleman, M.A. Ed.

Enhancing Students’ Perceptions of the Learning Environment: Peer Education and Learning Community Program Models
  • Determine whether peer education models are effective for improving students’ perception of the learning environment
  • Determine whether learning communities are effective for improving students’ perception of the learning environment.
  • Investigate medical school curricula and educational methods to increase medical student satisfaction and well-being overall.
  • Research question: What methods improve students’ perceptions of medical education learning environments?

Rebecca Fischbein, Ph.D.

Patient and Family Needs During a Medically High-Risk Pregnancy: A Qualitative Systematic Review

The objective of this study is to systematically review the needs of patients and families during a medically high-risk pregnancy. The summer research student will be involved in all aspects of the study. The iterative process of a qualitative systematic review will begin with refinement of the research question, identification of key search terms, review of the literature, grading of the literature, and synthesis of findings, and conclude with formulation of ratings of the relative confidence that researchers and practitioners can have in the developed findings.

Stacey Gardner-Buckshaw, Ph.D.

Primary Care Implementation of MAT for Substance Use Disorder in Northeast Ohio

The goal of this study is to assess how participation in the NEOMED/Metro Health MAT training for PCPs influenced implementation of MAT into graduate medical education and primary care practice 4 months after training. To accomplish this, the summer research fellow will develop and implement a 5-minute interview protocol aligned with the pre- and post-test evaluation tool administered at the MAT in-person training sessions. Results will be analyzed and disseminated in a report to participants, and in a poster presentation.

Amy Lee, M.D., M.P.H., M.B.A.

Finding a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Screening Tool for Youths

The goal of the project is to identify existing screening tools for FASD that might be used or adapted for youths.

Janice Spalding, M.D.

Primary Care Medical Education: An Investigation of Direct Primary Care Services and Educational Opportunities
  1. Determine the prevalence and location of Direct Primary Care models in the US
  2. Determine the efficacy of Direct Primary Care
  3. Investigate medical school curricula and educational methods to expose medical students to Direct Primary Care.
  4. Research question: What opportunities in Direct Primary Care will benefit aspiring primary care physicians?


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